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Quality Built Hot Tubs
Deck World Hot Tubs are made using quality materials in order to produce a reliable and durable product. High performance components ensure you receive an invigorating massage, while the simple and easy to use controls allow you to tailor it to your individual needs.

With a Deck World Hot Tub you have peace of mind in knowing that our tubs have been tried and tested for over 30 years and that a 5 year limited warranty is included.

      Total Control

Deck World Executive Hot Tubs use a simple digital control panel to select the filtration, temperature and programming of the Hot Tub. With easy to read digital display and membrane keys.
By twisting the air flow injection knob your hot tub will change from a soft relaxing feel to an all over massage. This works by introducing air to the jets pipework to create an intense hydrotherapy.


Smaller jets range from the tiny Carple tunnel jets on the Tahiti, to the 3-way foot massager.
Our range of larger jets are fully interchangeable, allowing you to customise you spa.

      Pumps Shell

Powered by 3hp centrifugal pumps, our hot tubs supply enough pressure to create intense hydrotherapy. They are manufactured especially for the UK market by one of the largest manufacturers in the US.
Strong, tough and durable, quarite is used by spa manufactures all over the world. It is strengthened by a triple layer of glass fibre sprayed onto the outside, is also scratch resistant and has a non-slip surface.


      Cover Filtration

Our thick all weather insulated cover comes as standard with all our hot tubs. It can also be locked shut to prevent usage of the spa.


The surface skimmer sucks any debris directly into the filter unit.Coarse and fine filters clear the water of any particles before being heated and returned to the tub via the many jets.


      Ozone generators for cleaner water

All Deck World Gold hot tubs are supplied with ozone generators as standard.

Ozone is an extremely affective spa sanitizer. It is completely natural and it reduces the need for chemical usage. Ozone eliminates bacteria, oils and many other contaminants to keep water pure and sparkling clean.

Pool and spa manufactures all over the world insist on fitting ozone generators
because they are so effective at keeping the water clean.

Our hot tubs come with corona discharge ozone generators. These work by passing air through a high voltage electrical discharge. The O2 molecule is separated by the electrical discharge to create O1, this then attaches itself to a remaining O2 and creates O3 (Ozone). This is then released into the spa as tiny bubbles.

Most bottled water is purified by ozone. Ozone leaves no chemical byproducts and will not irritate eyes or skin.

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