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Cluck & Shut


The Cluck and Shut is an electronically controlled light sensitive device for opening and closing a vertical hen house door. The basic operation is through a motor and cord controlled by an adjustable light sensor.(Factory pre set.) It has additional adjustment to opening and closing by a set of dip switches which allows the opening time to be daylight +1,2 OR 3 HOURS and closing  DUSK + 1/2,1,OR 11/2 HOURS.

The electronics have been designed to the specification of a hen keeper and they have been thoroughly field tested for over 2 years with great sucess.

Call for details, 01473 736551.   Click this link to see a terrible video of a brilliant product but it should give you the idea. It is easy to fit and an aluminium door with runners is an optional extra.

Cluck and shut is £115.00

Door and runners £25.00

Pand P if required £6.00


Cluck and Shut door opener/closer.


Congratulations, you have bought a product that will stop you having to rise early to let out your chickens and lock them in on a night. Don't forget to check them as we cannot guarantee they will always get in before it closes.

On opening the box, the cord should be in the door open position. This is how they leave us. If not, connect the batteries and the motor should wind up to its stop position.



Siting the opener.

1.The opener needs to be sited above the vertically opening door as close to the middle as possible with enough room to allow the door to open fully and not foul the Cluck and Shut, if you excuse the pun.

    1. Method 1 is to screw the C&S to the outside of the coop wall with the 2 bolts/wing nuts..Ensure light can get to the sensor.

    2. With the door in the OPEN position, attach the lifting cord to the chicken door,ensuring the door does not exceed 1 kg, we recommend 750g for best battery life and to do the job. A screw or nail will do nicely.

    3. Go to “SET UP DISTANCE''





Set-up of distance to close the door


  1. Ensure the dip switches are all set to the Off position. (See Fig 1.)


  1. Fit the batteries & place in box using Velcro pads.


  1. Press and hold the button until the LED flashes green then release the button.

The motor will fully open the door unless it is already fully open.(See Fig.1.)


  1. Once fully open and the motor has stopped, press and release the button to start lowering the door to the required height/level. As soon as the door is closed, press the button again, the Led will stop flashing & go off. The door will then open. Set up is now complete.(See Fig.1.)

  2. If it flashes red, there is a problem so start back at 3.



Check Set-Up.

To check the set-up has been successful press the button 3 times and the LED should flash green 3 times if successful. If it flashes Red they you will need to run set-up procedure again.


Adjustment of light level to close the door.

The Light Level is Pre-Set & shouldnt require any adjustments.



Delay opening or closing.

It is possible to add a delay of 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours before the door opens in the morning (AM) or 30 minutes, 1 hour or 90 minutes before it closes in the evening (PM)


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